The strange doesn’t necessarily require cryptids or the paranormal. Simply finding something well out of its usual environment can be enough to leave us scratching our heads. This first example is from 2013 and involves a couple of college kids on a long road trip late at night, and a very large stag sauntering onto a dark highway. No collision thankfully, although the incident leaves the impression of something unnatural/otherworldly in the exhausted, road weary eyes of the witnesses. Then there are the 911 calls where people claim ‘I Think I See A Zebra’: Police Release 911 Call Regarding Zebras Running Loose In Wisconsin. Now in fairness, this particular incident really did involve a zebra. Two zebras, in fact. Callers could be forgiven for freaking out a little. Fortunately zebras round up nicely when not being chased by predators. (CM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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