Our sun is the source of all life, but it could mean the end… for sharing cat pictures and Twitter if there’s another Carrington Event. How prepared is America, let alone the world, for such an eventuality? Brandon Spektor has the price tag in dollarsand human lives to satisfy your curiosity. Even if geomagnetic storm doesn’t disconnect our planet, Micah Hanks wants to remind you of some homegrown threats. For example, Deadly Supervolcano Eruptions Remain A Threat For Centuries according to a new study from Curtin University. Micah Hanks has all the details, and then some, making for some delicious Saturday morning doom porn. One could say humanity, or at least the west, is experiencing its own apocalypse right now as waves of conspiracies and disinformation erode the shores of our rationality. Fortunately F.E. Guerra-Pujol has figured out how to profit from this by Betting On Conspiracies. It’s a lot like a hedge fund, and Guerra-Pujol illustrates an entire marketplace for betting for, and against, these crackpot theories. But if time is not an issue, who needs to bet anyway because everything’s certain. For example Paul Seaburn heard tell how a Time Traveler Dares To Reveal Major September Events Of Disaster And Destruction. Kindly note the time-traveler is using Tik Tok and many of these prognostications are downright hilarious. (CS)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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