Here we have an examination of the extraordinarily tragic life of trance medium Eileen Garrett. Having lost nearly everyone who mattered to her–repeatedly–it makes a certain amount of sense that Garrett’s strongest skill set would be receiving  communications from those on the other side, as well as premonitions of death and messages whereby death could be avoided. Had her timeline coincided with that of writer and photographer Shannon Taggart, no doubt she would have had no problem convincing the world of her authenticity. Capturing The Secret World Of The Séance – Photographs of the Other Side are the result of  Taggart’s “deep dive” into spiritualism, revealing strange anomalies that lend credence to the process of mediumship. It is indeed a case of needing that proverbial extra set if eyes ie the camera in order to see what’s really happening. (CM)– Delivered by Feed43 serviceTHE ANOMALIST

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